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Vaughn 8800 w/ Certified Cat-Eye (Sr.)
Vaughn 8800 w/ Certified Cat-Eye (Sr.)

Vaughn 8800 w/ Certified Cat-Eye (Sr.)

Manufacturer: VAUGHN
Style: GH8800CCE
Price: $439.95

  • Carbon fiber and fiberglass woven shell for lighter weight and added strength
  • The shell is high pressure molded and heat set to provide complete uniformity to the shell thickness and to control glass saturation giving consistent strength and weight
  • Contoured design reduces flat spots to dissipate impacts and provide
    maximum protection and shell rigidity
  • The chin and jaw line are a low profile design with a flared bottom edge to allow the unit to tuck into the chest area tighter for added protection and allow additional adjustment to the internal chin cup
  • The mask shape is designed to provide optimum fit to give increased visibility with a wider field of view
  • Air holes and face opening are designed to provide maximum ventilation to reduce heat build up.
  • Internal chin strap provides extra security and easy adjustment
  • Cage bars are positioned to obtain maximum visibility while in the crouched position and constructed of stainless steel for added durability
  • The low luster finish provides optimal visibility and reduces glare for lighting
  • Internal padding of Vinyl niytrile foams allow for lightweight, comfort and protection.
  • Available with standard, cert. cateye, and pro-cateye cages
**NOTE: Mask pictured with standard certified cage. Actual mask has certified cat-eye cage.