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Vaughn T 7800 Velocity 5 Catch Glove
Vaughn T 7800 Velocity 5 Catch Glove

Vaughn T 7800 Velocity 5 Catch Glove

Manufacturer: VAUGHN
Style: GM7800
Price: $464.99

The New T 7800 catch glove for 2012 is designed and optimized to provide a higher thumb angle for a more natural relaxed hand position. This gives a more open hand position and creates a wider pocket opening for increased net coverage. The palm design is dimensional to provide a curved shape to the palm surface that directs pucks into the pocket area and to provide added leverage for the fingers to close the glove quicker for optimal catching performance. Large double bar T-web provides a deep pocket and the dual bars and lace function to reduce puck spin for greater puck retention. The top thumb and cuff edge have a molded deflection ramp that is engineered to limit pucks from skipping over the top edge of the glove and provide added stiffness to the frontal area for more solid blocking surface. The internal fingers are pre-shaped and constructed in a dimensional mesh material for cooler play and fast drying. Adjustable back finger strap extends across the lower portion of the fingers and provides for more hand control. This provides a precise fit and secures the hand in the glove and limits twisting from high impact shots near the glove perimeter. The internal thumb tunnel design has a wider adjustable thumb loop that gives superior protection, control and leverage to give the glove more precise powerful closing. Wider cuff opening with curved inner surface allows added wrist room and help improve glove positioning to keep the glove more open and square to the shooter. The back hand padding features a fingertip deflecting ramp to move impacts away from the finger tips. The back hand padding also features multi section design for wrap around hand coverage and greater flexibility and opens for quicker drying and to access adjustment straps. Internal back hand strapping allows the hand to be completely secure in the glove and provides dual adjustment straps to secure the wrist and hand. Higher thumb angle provides natural feel Open molded palm shape Pro spec construction for optimal performance and durability Heat moldable for custom fit and fast break-in Internal back hand retention for control Adjustable wrist strap Flex seam and lace break palm for precision closing Thumb tunnel design No binding cuff adds blocking surface Three piece back hand protection Reinforced perimeter edge for stability Light weight and balanced for ultimate feel Also available in size Small for smaller hand